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Last Month For Biometric Screenings!

Biometric screenings will be available for Orlando Health team members on the Healthchoice medical plan through November 18th!

If you have not already, you can register for one of the many screening appointments available on SWIFT by clicking on the banner ad.

When you arrive for your appointment, please have these items with you:

- Appointment printout

- Completed lab requisition/order form (printed during online registration)

- Driver’s license

- Healthchoice insurance card

Incentive for completing the screening

$15 medical premium savings per bi-weekly pay period If team members meet three out of the six following components:

- Blood Pressure: (Under 140/90); 65 years of age and over (Under 150/90)

- BMI: (24.9 and under)

- Cholesterol: (Under 200)

- Triglycerides: (Under 150)

- A1C: (6.5 and under)

Wellness Option- Additional verification form required and located on SWIFT appointment page.

If it is unreasonably difficult due to a medical condition for you to achieve the standards, or medically inadvisable for you to attempt to achieve the standards for the reward under this program, please call the Human Resources Solutions Center at 321-841-8623. We will work with you to develop another way to qualify for the reward.: Click here to read more.

Healthchoice Corner

Give it a shot. Stop the Flu!

Seasonal flu vaccines are now being offered free of charge to all team members, volunteers, and staff physicians at locations throughout Orlando Health and also at the Occupational Health office located at 77 W Underwood Street, second floor, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.

This year’s vaccine offers a little extra protection against flu than before! Orlando Health is providing the Fluzone Quadrivalent vaccine – a single-dose flu shot that protects against four strains of flu rather than the usual three.

"The seasonal influenza vaccine is considered to provide the best protection available from seasonal flu,” says Dr. Ken Michaels, MPH, medical director, Occupational Health. “Vaccination can decrease illness severity and is particularly important for healthcare workers who may be at higher risk of contracting and spreading the flu due to close contact with patients and guests. I get the vaccine every year because I want to protect myself, my loved ones and our patients from the flu.” Call 321.841.5212 with questions. Click here to read more.

Healthchoice Works

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Workers Compensation

How long after an accident do I have to report it to my employer? - You should report it as soon as possible, but no later than thirty (30) days.

Where can I go for medical treatment? - Occupational Health at 77 W. Underwood St. in Orlando is the primary Medical Care Coordinator (MCC) site. Team members at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital and South Seminole Hospital may go to the nearest CareSpot location, as well. Emergencies or injuries that occur outside of normal business hours are treated at the nearest hospital emergency dept. A follow-up visit by the next business day at an MCC site is required after an emergency dept. visit to have the injury evaluated and receive clearance to return to work.

What should I do if I am placed on work restrictions by my workers compensation provider and my department cannot accommodate the restrictions? - Contact the Workers Compensation Coordinator in the HR Benefits Dept. at 321-841-6783 for a possible alternate duty assignment. Any general questions may be directed to the HealthChoice WORKS team at 407-481-7200 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Voice mails left after hours will be answered the next business day..Click here to read more.

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